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BACOGNIZE® Extract is a clinically proven ingredient derived from Bacopa monnieri that promotes cognitive function & healthy recall of logical material, while supporting serotonin receptor regulation.
Derived from a source used traditionally in adults and children for cognitive enhancement, BACOGNIZE® Extract is an all-natural, science-backed ingredient aimed to promote healthy brain function. Learn more at
Cognitive Function in Humans
Multiple randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies have been performed on BACOGNIZE®.  Above, improvement in memory was significantly better with people taking BACOGNIZE® than those taking placebo.
Mechanism of Action
BACOGNIZE is HPLC-standardized to the singular compounds thought responsible for Bacopa's cognition support.  These compounds have been shown to act on serotonin 5HT1a receptors, which are responsible for higher order cognitive processes such as memory and mood. >>Learn More
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