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Our pipeline of clinically studied bionutritionals is geared to the needs of general populations and subpopulations with special health concerns. Branded products are established with a patentable identity which defines its scientific and market differentiation.

Today's consumer requires clinically efficacious, safe, and all-natural bionutritionals. This market need has translated to our strength of developing researched nutraceuticals that offer maximum bioactivity. By integrating these products with an array of delivery systems, our products offer high absorption and optimal health benefits. 

Product Offerings


Verdure offers a large line of scientifically researched ingredients that offer great value to our customers. Our product line includes branded and commodity ingredients to best meet your needs.

Verdure offers many value added capabilities that allow our ingredients to easily integrate with your finished products. Granulation, chilsonation, blending, capsulation, and more can be done in our facilities. >> Learn more

Why choose Verdure Ingredients?
NSF Certified
ISO Certified
Kosher Certified
360 Quality
Verdure Complete
American Botanical Council
Certifications include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP, NSF International), ISO, HACCP, USDA Organic, and Kosher Certifications.

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