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erdure Sciences (acquired Geni Herbs) is a supplier of innovative bionutritional botanical ingredients, achieved through the integration of agricultural networks, manufacturing control, and university-based, cutting-edge research. 

The Verdure mission is to help promote a healthier world for all. To fulfill this mission, we operate under Three Guiding Principles:

Research & Development - With a strong belief in phytochemical synergy, we screen botanicals with a history of traditional use.  Then we apply rigorous scientific validation, including randomized controlled clinical trials, pharmacokinetic (bioavailability) studies, and systematic safety trials.
Control & Traceability - We trace our plant extracts from the farm to our customers, and we standardize these extracts to make sure that they are the same as what is studied in clinical trials.
Care & Sustainability - Our core principle. We work hard to take care of our stakeholders, including our farmers, employees, customers, and consumers -- and the earth from which our botanicals grow. Our experienced team serves as stewards of the Verdure mission and vision.

The wisdom and health benefits of
standardized botanical extracts have deep roots in India, where herbs and botanicals have been integral to Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.  And today, Verdure’s ingredients are often found in the research labs and clinics of some of the most prestigious doctors and medical institutions around the world. This dedication has led to the development of several branded ingredients.

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Global licensing and marketing opportunities utilizing Verdure brands are now available for qualified manufacturers of distinguished nutritional products.

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Certifications include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP, NSF International), ISO, HACCP, USDA Organic, and Kosher Certifications.